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When we talk about "enough", what do we really mean?  Do we mean it's all we require?  That once we hit a magic number we will be content?  Or could it mean enough is all there is, there can never be more, or less?  As imprecise a concept as "enough" may seem, it is precisely this: it is exactly what we have.  Although we may always be striving for something higher, right now, we have what we have.  What is before us is what we have right now, and so by nature, is enough.  What about internally?  Is what or who we are enough?  Similarly, we are who we are right now, and so, consequently we are also enough.  We can always set higher goals and be actively pursuing them, which does not change who we are at this very moment.  We can neither be more nor less than who we are right now.  We can take comfort in knowing that when society burdens us with expectations and pressure, or when self-talk weighs us down with self-doubt, we can look ourselves squarely in the eye and say, "Right now, at this moment, I am enough." 

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