What is "coaching"?

Coaching transforms blocked, stagnant or low energy into positive, forward-moving, high energy!  I partner with you, assisting you to create and fulfill your dreams through visualizing, centering, mapping, goal setting, discovering and motivating. I have no agenda but to ask questions and support you in achieving your goals.  I don't give advice, or try to point you in any one direction or another.  Your agenda guides the sessions, week-to-week.  Your values, internal and external, determine the outcome.

Many times, clients initially seek help for some external goal (like losing weight) but coaching reveals profound inner values that may take them in previously unplanned or unimagined directions.  Coaching can unblock astounding inner strength, motivation and self-esteem.  Coaching can help you discover things about yourself that you may have forgotten or maybe never even knew. 

When a client hires a coach, the timeframe usually lasts from 3-6 months, with coaching sessions lasting 30 minutes by phone every week.  Are you ready?  Contact me about a free sample session