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Receive (Part 3)

We asked.  We believed.  What's next?  We receive.  Receiving is the third and final step to manifesting what you have asked of the Universe (or partner, or employer).  In some shape or form, you will get what you have asked for.  This is the Law of Attraction and it works!  Receiving is the easiest part, because we have already set the forces of attraction in motion.  We let our intentions be known.  We believed we have already received what we have asked for.  And we receive it with an open mind, an open heart, and open arms. 

A friend of mine is a huge believer in the Law of Attraction and uses it often to manifest more money in her life.  As an example, she received a letter from her student loan company that forgave her the balance of her student loan, which was over $900!  Now, she probably didn't specifically ask for her student loans to go away.  But, she did ask for and visualize financial abundance.  And, she got it!

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