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When we worry, we fantasize about what may or may not happen in the future.  Our minds make up involved stories with bad outcomes.  (Worrying always involves bad outcomes, otherwise we would be daydreaming.)  Worrying can cause great anxiety, stress, and can prevent us from enjoying the present moment and fully engaging with our life.  For example, if we get on a plane and worry about it crashing, what does that thought process limit us from experiencing in the now?  We may miss the beautiful laughter of a child three rows back, or not engage with the stranger sitting next to us, who might be a possible new friend, business contact, or relationship.  We may be so wrapped up in our thoughts that we don't notice the spectacular sunset or the full moon.  Worrying about the future not only takes time from the present, it projects negative energy into the Universe which attracts negative energy back to us.  So in a way, we may actually manifest that about which we worry. 

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