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Every action or non-action we take is a choice.  Even when we feel like we have no choice, we in fact are exercising our free will by moving (or not moving) in a certain direction.  In looking at life as a series of choices, we come to realize that we in fact have been the creator of our story, but we don't have to be bound by it.  For the only choice we need to attend is the one before us, in the present, not the one we made yesterday or the one we must make tomorrow.  We make our choices based on our realities at the moment, with the resources we have before us, and with the resolve that whatever decision we make, we have made it to the best of our ability at that time.  To this end, there are no good choices or bad choices, only choices.  This keeps us free of judgment and criticism, and able to continue to move forward with positive energy. 

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