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Who are we?

Everyone experiences a time in our lives when we wonder, "Who am I?"  So often we define ourselves by what others have told us, and who we tell ourselves we are.  But what if, at any given moment, we had a choice to be who we always thought we could be?  To not buy in to the voice in our heads that tells us we are less than, or weak, or a freak?  To not let that saboteur define how we live our lives, how we meet our goals, and how we judge ourselves?  What if, in every moment, we had the choice to live as the person we were born to be, and lived each moment to the best of our abilities?  Guess what?  We do have that choice.  The saboteur in our heads is not who we are.  We are more than that.  We are greater than that.  We are, right now, perfect. 

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