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Choosing words carefully

Our words and how we choose to use them can tell us a lot about ourselves.  Some words have naturally negative connotations, but others' negativity is much more covert.  What do you think we can tell about ourselves when we say "I should ____"?  Or, "I have to _____"?  Words like should, need to and have to come from a space of fear, because the natural follow up to any of those is "or else."  Try it on: "I have to lose weight or else I will be alone the rest of my life."  Or, "I should compliment her or else she won't like me."  We can replace them with the love-based "I choose to" or "I want to."  Other covertly negative words are: can't, must, maybe, always, and never.  Some words with which to consider replacing them are:  choose not to, choose, will, sometimes, or seldom.  These words come from a space of love, not fear.  The words we choose come from our internal thoughts and feelings, so if the words we choose are based in fear, then we should look at fear and how it may be blocking us. 

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