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The space between

We live in a world of dichotomies.  Things can be good/bad, fast/slow, up/down, hot/cold, right/left, either/or, yes/no, right/wrong, black/white...well, you get the idea.  Finding the middle ground, the space between, allows us to look at both angles without judgment, take a breath, and just be.  Often we feel the need to categorize and compartmentalize because that's how society has taught us; when in fact, not labeling our experience as "this" or "that" can be liberating and take the pressure off of ourselves to see things a certain way.  Instead, we see things as they are, in the moment, without expectation or judgment.  Because we take in the complete picture, we see that the lines are not as clear as the labels appear to be, for every "this" has components of "that" and every "that" has components of "this," as everything is universally connected.  Sitting in the space between, we see that it is so and we are no longer driven to label our experiences.  We are free.

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