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Filling our cups

Ever wonder why, when life gets crazy and out of balance, we find it so difficult to share our love freely with others?  And that no matter how hard we try, the prospect of giving any more of ourselves to yet another human being becomes unbearable? There is a reason we use the words "tapped" and "running on empty" to describe these feelings.  If we liken our stores of love to a cup, life balance to a full cup and love as what goes into the cup, we can see how when things get out of balance, more and more is spilled out of the cup while nothing is being put back into the cup.  When the cup is empty, we are fully "tapped out."  So how do we keep the cup full even through those stressful, out-of-balance times?  With self care.  We must continue to give ourselves permission to engage in random acts of kindness to ourselves.  That might include meditation or centering, exercise, enjoying time outside, eating healthfully, massage or other body work, dancing, or any number of things that refill and refuel you.  When we love ourselves fully, and engage in healthy self care, our cups stay full and we have plenty of love to share freely and often with others. 

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