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Weaving passion into Life

Even the most mundane, everyday actions can take on more meaning for us if we actively weave our passion and values into what we do.  We can think of it as a ripple in a pond.  The center of the ripple is our actions that are tied to our core values.  Everything we do, everyone we meet, every action we take that affects others, projects that value outward from the center.  So whatever "mundane" action we are doing, if it is done from a space of honoring our core values, we know that the energy created from that action will continue to reverberate outward to more and more people.  Even after we can no longer see the results of our positive value-driven action in our immediate reality, the ripple continues, and the outward projection of our values lives on.  In this way, we know that what we do is affecting positive change in ourselves and others, even if we can't immediately see it. 

Suggested action:  Weave your values into everything you do today, and think about what the ripple effect of those actions will be on the Universe.  

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