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Judgment (part 2)

Being human, we want to qualify things as being "good" or "bad" in regard to our experience.  As we grew up, the adults in our lives let us know that certain behaviors met with their disapproval.  These kinds of situational judgments, when given with clear reasoning as to why the behavior (not the person) is undesirable, can be learned from and can benefit us.  But, chances are this wasn't the case and we internalized those comments which then manifested into who we believed ourselves and our world to be.  Consequently, we may have lived out a life that conformed to what we thought of ourselves.  But what if we took that fictional person we thought we were, and put him or her aside for a minute?  Who are we really?  We have the power to choose who we get to be each and every moment, to stop judging ourselves, and to treat ourselves with compassion, respect and admiration.  What could happen?  We may find ourselves taking a risk or two, and moving forward with a newfound energy.  We may find a new definition for ourselves, based on our actual experience, instead of the stories we have told ourselves our entire lives. 

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