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Reaching higher

With each goal achieved and ticked off of the list, continuing to be motivated can become challenging.  But if we think of this challenge as an opportunity to set higher and more meaningful goals, we can stay motivated and continue to move forward in our progress.  How can we set goals that are attainable yet enough of a stretch so we feel that great sense of accomplishment?  First we can look at what would be just acceptable to us, in terms of a minimal accomplishment.  This is something that could be done easily without much effort, but wouldn't quite give us that great "Ahhhh, I did it!" feeling.  Then, we go to the other extreme and look at the Mega Super Big Time Goal which if we accomplished would seem like the best thing ever (but maybe a little out of reach).  Then, we look at a good, happy medium.  This is a goal that is achievable with good planned action steps, and can be a step toward the Mega Super Big Time Goal.  In this way, we can keep moving forward, maintaining our motivation, while continuing to accomplish things we never thought we could do!

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