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Most of us go through our lives knowing what each day is going to look like before it happens, and never veering from the road map of where we want to go and how we are going to get there.  Weekdays are for work, weekends are for chores and play time if we can fit it in.  We're never really in the moment and just letting ourselves be, we are always planning ahead, thinking about the future.  We even "plan" the fun things in our lives, going to the lake or the movies, vacations, time off.  What would happen if we tossed that road map out the window and let the present dictate our path?  This is the art of living spontaneously.  Sure, there will be times when we spontaneously decide that we need to mow the lawn, but for the most part, spontaneity is all about honoring what is important to us right at this moment and not concerning ourselves with what society or other people may expect from us.  When we can do this without harming ourselves or others, spontaneity can be a great way to work some balance into our otherwise structured and humdrum lives.  Can we plan spontaneity?  No, but we can set an intention to allow ourselves to explore our spontaneous thoughts rather than squashing them because we think we "have to" do something else.

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