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Week 11 - Getting ready for Bloomsday

Today I accomplished the impossible.  Or so I thought.  I ran/walked the full 7.46 mile Bloomsday course with a friend.  After the initial comedy of setting out, realizing our camelbacks were too distracting and constricting, turning around and dumping them, we started again and were on our way.  We set an intention of doing intervals of running for seven minutes and walking for two minutes and it worked out pretty great.  After about four of the intervals, the seven minutes seemed to get shorter and shorter, although so did the two minutes.

There are three pretty substantial hills on the course.  The first, coming out of Browne's Addition and up to Government Way, is short but steep.  The next, dubbed Cemetary Hill, is long and low.  The third and most famous, fondly called Doomsday Hill, is long AND steep!  I ended up walking most of the way up Doomsday, but by then my hip flexors were killing me.  So I'm okay with it.  :D

My intention is to take two easy runs this week on Tuesday and Thursday and walk every day.  I am pretty sore this evening and I expect things will tighten up more tomorrow and into Tuesday. 

The best part is that I DID IT and now, the course doesn't seem as intimidating or long.  AND, an added benefit is that I imagine my 5k's will seem shorter.  I hope so, as I intend to do the Windemere 5k in a few weeks.  Wait, maybe I'll do the half marathon...just kidding!

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