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Listening to the body

Our bodies talk to us all the time.   They communicate to us through stress symptoms such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations or anxiety.  They wave flags of overdoing it through pulled muscles, catching a cold, or shutting down.  They even feel our emotions before we have a chance to verbalize them.  Yes, our bodies talk to us, but do we listen?  When we get sick, do we give our bodies the time to heal, not just in terms of the actual virus, but in terms of regaining balance?  When we feel anxiety or sadness, do we hold ourselves in a space of compassion and non-judgment?  Or do we criticize ourselves for being weak and judge ourselves harshly?  By being compassionate and non-judgmental with our bodies' responses to stressors, listening to what they have to say, and treating them with respect, we allow ourselves the space to heal.  And perhaps we gain the opportunity to be more mindful of what our bodies have to say the next time.  What is your body telling you today?

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