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Don't take it personally

Often, we will interpret someone's interaction with us according to the stories we tell about ourselves.  If someone reacts negatively to us, we put meaning to their behavior based on our internal perceptions and past assumptions from our own lives.  We take it personally.  We invite their actions into our reality (to create yet another story) instead of creating space between and keeping their actions in their reality.  In truth, we are not responsible for anyone's actions but our own.  How someone responds to us may be the result of different factors.  They may be having a bad day, or just gotten a traffic ticket.  They may be preoccupied because their dog is sick.  They may be worried about their best friend.  Or they may just be unstable.  How we choose to respond is OUR reality.  By not taking things personally, we can respond with grace and compassion, and walk away knowing we didn't contribute to the perpetuation of negative energy. 

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