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Cultivating Love

Cultivating love in our lives means realizing it first within ourselves.  If we embody love, live love, and give love, then love returns to us in kind.  By freely sharing the love that comes from within, we create the energy of abundance around love, that is, we share that which we already have.  And when we share, our love within does not diminish.  On the contrary, if we do not love ourselves, we exist in a space of lack and cannot muster any love to give to anyone else.  But how, if we have no love for ourselves, do we cultivate it?   By knowing that we, as graceful beings, are simply and purely...love.  When we first entered onto the Earth in our physical form, we embodied love and throughout our lives, we never lost it.  We may have lost sight of it, but it still resides within us.  Knowing in our hearts that we are love allows us to realize that we do have love to share.  Today, this week, how will you share some of that love that is you with the rest of the world?

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