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Interpretations are stories we make up to keep us in a certain energy space.  Because we are making an internal judgment based on an external situation, we act on interpretations as if they were unwavering truth.  But basically an interpretation is merely an opinion that we have chosen to believe.  The key word here is "chosen."  We have made a choice to believe something about a certain thing, person or situation.  Interpretations have the power to keep us stuck or blocked.  While someone may choose to believe that the reason she was not hired was because of the way she dressed, the actual reason may be because her skill set was inappropriate for the job.  And while the latter may seem like a worse scenario, the former actually takes a bigger toll on her emotionally because she chose to be a victim instead of realizing she may have just applied for a job that was not well suited for her.  When we find ourselves interpreting a situation, good questions to ask may be:  What purpose is this interpretation serving me?  How does it benefit me?  How does it limit me? 

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