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Fear of change (part 1)

We all have fears.  Some are real, some are imagined.  When in danger, our instincts take over, we don't stop to think, what if this or that is going to happen?  Adrenaline kicks in and we react: we fight or we flee. More insidious are the daily fears that are ingrained into our existence.  Fear of success.  Fear of failure.  Fear of being alone.  Fear of losing one's job.  Most of these daily fears can be condensed into one fear:  the fear of change.  When the fear of change dictates the decisions we make, such as staying in a dead-end relationship or job, we languish in a negative cycle of energy that keeps us from exploring new opportunities, living spontaneously, and being present.  When faced with fear of change, we can ask ourselves, "What is happening at this very moment that needs my attention?"  And, "What does 'change' mean to me?"  To be continued...

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