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Letting go

Sometimes the simplest answer to allow ourselves to move forward may be to just let go.  Bottled up resentments, blame and grudges block energy from the present and keep it rooted in the past.  Whether to let go and how to do it are choices we can make if it seems as though we can't find a way around a blockage.  "To forgive is divine" as the saying goes, and there is nothing more powerful than to forgive and move on.  To let go or forgive is not passive or submissive, rather, it is the ultimate expression of empowerment from our Source.  In this way we are choosing to come from a space of love, for ourselves and for others.  We don't have to agree with what has happened, but in the process of letting go, we allow the blocked energy to dissipate, freeing us to live in the present moment.

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