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Visualizing success

Striving for success involves many things.  Preparation, planning, goal-setting, and practicing are all important components of achieving our goals.  But a piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked is visualization.  Without visualization, all the planning and preparation might be for naught if the intention is not set for success.  When visualizing, we enlist the power of our consciousness and its connectivity to the universal laws of attraction to bring to us what we have created in our minds.  The more detail we can visualize the better...what does success taste like?  Smell like?  Look like?  Sound like?  Think about  people, places, sights, sounds, whatever might play a part or be present when success is achieved.  Then imagine how it will feel to experience that success.  Calling all of our senses and emotions into action when visualizing is a powerful way to set the wheels of the Universe in motion to deliver the success we desire.  This week, how will you use visualization to achieve your dreams?

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