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Building Courage

We all possess the courage to do the things we desire, even those things that may be outside of our comfort zone.  But when that voice in our head says "No, I can't," it can be difficult to think anything else when our fears are so deeply rooted in what we may have told ourselves for years and years.  Our thought-streams can be so ingrained that what we think becomes who we are.  So if that is the case, why can't we just change our thoughts?  It sounds easy, but often it takes a conscious effort to change, as well as practice.  So what better way to practice than to start by taking some small steps that stretch us but aren't overwhelming?  We can then build on that newfound courage to challenge ourselves in our next goal.  By stepping toward new goals, we reinforce that we can do it.  So the next time that little voice in our heads says, "No, I can't," we can firmly say, "Yes, I can!" 



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