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Going with the flow

Sometimes things don't go the way we plan.  Perhaps we hit heavy traffic on the way to work, or we miss the bus.  Instead of allowing frustration or anger to plant a seed in our day, we can instead go with the flow and take the opportunity to gain something out of the situation rather than let the situation rule us.  Maybe we find a new radio station that we like, or listen to an audio book.  Or, we can take a breath and look around and perhaps notice something that we normally wouldn't have seen, like the springtime buds on the trees.  Going with the flow requires staying in the moment, as opposed to thinking what could have been, or getting caught up in frustration.  After all, the present moment is the only moment that truly exists.  And while this moment may seem unplanned, it is the one that is happening right now.  Why not see where it takes us? 

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