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Our values drive us.  But sometimes we act on values that are based in fear, instead of based in passion or love.  An example of a fear-based value is "I have to lose weight because I don't want to be alone."  An example of a love-based value is "I want to lose weight because being healthy is important to me."  When we attach a love-based value on our goals, we are much more likely to achieve them because the goal is attached to our hearts.  If we are unhappy, we can often uncover the root of that unhappiness by examining our values and how they may be compromised.  When our internal heart-driven values don't align with our external world, stress and depression are sometimes the result.  If we want more "balance" in our lives, we can also look at our values to see where we might shift priorities to be more in sync with what our hearts desire. 

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