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Many of us go through life wishing we could be who we really want to be, instead of being who society wants us to be.  We have job titles, and with them come certain expectations that may have little or no relevance to our own personal beings.  Or maybe we find ourselves in a position where we think, "I am such a fake!  Why am I doing this?"  When we are not living true to the self that is within us, the resulting insecurity, resentment, and guilt can keep us blocked in a negative energy space that's difficult to disengage.  When we're not sure of what the result of living with authenticity will be, the prospect of change is scary.  But what is the worst thing that will happen if today we decide to live life true to ourselves?  What's the next worse thing that could happen?  And the next?  By now it's probably not looking so bad, in fact, it might be looking pretty good!  When we make a conscious choice to live in authenticity and cast aside the weight of society's expectations, we throw away the old labels that don't match up to our values anymore and we move forward into a positive energy space.  And when we do, we will naturally attract people, jobs and situations that harmonize with our true beings. 

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So true! Sometimes it's easier said than done to break out of the job title we have and pursue one we think resonates more with our inner being ... who we are INSIDE ..., but I certainly appreciate the reminder. Thanks for this great post! :)

May 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrian

Thanks Brian! I'm glad you liked it. Authenticity is one of those things that is hard to attain but once you're there you'll think, Why didn't I do this a long time ago???

May 16, 2010 | Registered CommenterCat Carrel

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