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We usually hear the word "surrender" in regard to fighting, warfare, or in a religious context.  For this reason, our society equates surrendering with weakness, or giving up.  It's a word a lot of us can't relate to or don't want to associate with ourselves.  But when given in the context of realizing what is real and true for ourselves, surrender can be a very powerful act.  Resisting--because we may think we need to do things a certain way, play a certain role, or let society dictate what we like or dislike--blocks us from living the lives we were meant to live and to experience true happiness according to what is real for us.  Surrendering to our true selves liberates us from bondage to people, places, objects and other human constructs and just allows us to BE.  We no longer want to ask ourselves, "Who am I?" because we will already know.  We are.  You are.  I am.  To this we surrender. 

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