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Think, feel, act

Thoughts lead to feelings which cause actions.  If negative thoughts dominate our thinking, we feel bad as a result.  What happens next is a direct result of those feelings.  If we feel depressed, then inaction is often the result, and we blame ourselves or external circumstances.  If we feel angry, then the action could be undesirable as we lash out or "get even".  It is physically impossible to think negative thoughts and feel good.  But, there is hope!  It is also physically impossible to think positive thoughts and feel bad.  Hooray!  And when we think positively, loving ourselves and others, we feel great and as a consequence, we inspire ourselves into action in ways we never thought possible! 

When we find ourselves stuck in a negative thought stream about a certain thing, we can try thinking to ourselves, What is the most supportive thought I can come up with about this?  For example, one may be thinking, I'll never find a job! Which of course, makes her depressed, which then leads to her to stop looking (think, feel, act).  What's a different thought she could have?  Maybe she could think, I don't have a job right now, but I know somewhere out there is the perfect job for me!  Which leads to a whole different energy shift.  She now feels better about the situation, and may be inspired to keep looking or explore a different career!  Simply by shifting our thoughts from negative to supportive, we can exit the tired old thought stream that holds us back, and enter the uplifting thought stream that can inspire and motivate us!

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