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Ripples of inspiration

We may never know over the course of a day who we may inspire or touch.  A smile given freely to a cashier completely shifts his energy from bad to good.  A genuine hug is the only human touch someone receives in a day.  A word of encouragement inspires a youth to study hard for a test.  The reverberations of genuinely given affection keep vibrating long after the gesture is made.  The cashier smiles at someone else and shifts their energy too.  The person who was hugged decides life is worth living after all.  The youth who studied hard passes his test and brings his mom some picked flowers from his walk home.  The ripples we cause through our positive actions may benefit many people whom we may never know about!  And that's okay because this is not why we do it, we do it because we are inspired to do it.  Inspired by our love for all beings, inspired by life's possibilities, and inspired by our own amazing existence in this world. 

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