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Inevitably, we ask "Why?"  Why is my life this way?  Why don't I have what I want?  Why am I lonely/unemployed/miserable?  The answer lies not in what is happening to us, but in what is happening inside us.  When our thought streams habitually focus on what is bad in our lives, we blame others for our predicaments, and we look for causes of our suffering in our external world, then we perpetuate those things in our lives.  If we consider ourselves a victim of circumstance, then we will constantly be at the mercy of outside forces.  If we think we are unlovable, then we will have a hard time finding someone who loves us.  If we focus on lack, we will never see the materialization of what we want.  Why?  The answer seems simple:  Energy attracts like energy.  Think of the person who always has a smile on her face, who always thinks positive and who loves life.  She's pretty happy, isn't she?  But what came first, her happy thoughts or her happy life?  They are one and the same.  So if changing our thoughts is the answer, why do so many people continue to choose victimization, lack, and negativity over empowerment, abundance and happiness?  Because they have never tried it. 

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