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Opportunities for growth

In life, every experience can be seen as an opportunity for growth.  Whether the experience is perceived to be good or bad, positive or negative, we can look for ways we can expand and grow.  Growth from pain or negative experiences helps us to realize our strength, perseverence or love for ourselves and others.  Growth from something good that happens can be a little less obvious to find.  Usually we want to pride ourselves in our accomplishment, share it with our friends or post it as a status update on Facebook.  :)  Perhaps we can also find growth in the story that goes untold, the one that exists in our humility, grace and quiet self-expansion.  We can be content in knowing that life's great little moments are just that, fleeting and impermanent, and to enjoy them fully as they come; just as life's sorrows and disappointments are also fleeting and impermanent.  If we look at all of life's experiences as opportunities for growth, we keep our energies moving forward, we stay in the moment, and we live our lives exactly as we want to live them. 

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