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Facing the unknown

We all come to a point in our lives when we face an big unknown.  Perhaps we are waiting for the results of a medical test, or are laid off from our jobs.  At times like these, we have the ability to choose our own path.  We can choose a path of worry, which takes us out of the present moment and has us constructing stories about what may happen in the future.  We can choose a path of concern, which is based in fact but still takes us out of the present moment.  Or we can choose to stay present, go with the flow, accept the outcome, and move forward to growth.  Even when the unknown seems overwhelming or unbearable, staying in the present allows us to value what is important to us, concentrate on whatever is happening right now, and to give it our fullest attention.  Then, when that unknown finally becomes known, we can proceed forward in the moment with what needs to be done, without expectations, assumptions or judgment. 

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