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When difficulty arises moving beyond a certain point, whether it's emotional, physical, spiritual or anything else, we can assume that there is some kind of block preventing us from moving forward.  Generally, there are four types of blocks:  limiting beliefs, interpretations, assumptions, and our negative self talk, or, gremlins.  The clues to identifying what kind of block it is comes in the language that we use.  If we hear ourselves saying something like, "Well, I didn't get that job, I won't get this one either," this is an assumption based on the past.  If we say, "People my age can't get jobs," that's a limiting belief that we have about ourselves.  If we say, "I didn't get that job because I am over 50," that's an interpretation based on our reality.  If we hear ourselves saying, "I'm not good enough for that job," that is a gremlin that we need to purge from our psyche.  Each kind of block can be addressed and worked through, some quite easily.  Others are more difficult to break down.  Regardless, all blocks can be worked through and dismantled. 

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