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Sometimes the internal motivational tools we've come to rely upon just don't seem to work.  As much as we say we want to do something, tie it to our values, or link it to an emotional hook, we will just languish in the "not doing" of the goal, thus dragging down our energy and motivation even farther.  The negative thought streams kick in, we criticize ourselves for not doing what we said we were going to do, and the thing never gets done.  Sometimes all it might take is tying the accomplishment to good old-fashioned reward.  Want that brand new iPhone 4?  A summer toy?  What about some new clothes?  Putting the purchase of a highly-desired object on hold until you accomplish your original goal may in fact give you that extra push of motivation to put the pedal to the metal and "git 'er done!"  Remember when we were kids and our parents told us, "No (blank) until you mow the yard or pick up your room?"  It worked, didn't it?  Sometimes as adults we forget that holding out the carrot in front of us actually works, especially if we are the ones to cut a deal with ourselves.  Because we have charted our own course, when we finish that long elusive goal, we will feel an even bigger sense of accomplishment and our reward will be all the more sweet to taste. 

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