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Holistic vitality

Maintaining vitality as we age trends the news these days and plenty of websites exist that can show us how to increase physical fitness, keep our minds sharp, and explore our spirituality well beyond our 50s.  This is the holistic approach to health: taking care of mind, body and spirit.  We can work out for three hours a day, but if our minds are dull and uninspired, we won't feel vital and alive.  If we spend all our time pursuing spiritual awareness but our physical bodies are not being taken care of, we will not have the energy to do much of anything outside of meditating.  It may seem a bit overwhelming to have to think about all three of these components all the time.  Think of them as plants that are under our care to survive.  We don't have to pay them constant attention, but we feed them, water them, and check them to make sure they are getting enough sunlight.  The same is true for our minds, bodies and spirits.  They don't require a constant effort, just a little time each day to feed each one.  In this way, we can keep the whole humming along smoothly, with vitality, as each does its part to contribute to our overall health and well being. 

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