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A heart-based path

In the latter stages of life, we will often think about what we wished we had done.  Instead of working so hard, buying lots of things, and getting caught up in what society tells us we should do, there is always something in the backs of our minds that we regret not doing: a path not taken.  It might be something as simple as having a garden or as complex as an entirely different career.  Maybe we always wanted to learn to play the piano, or travel to Tibet.  Whatever we find ourselves coming back to again and again, this message is coming from our hearts, it is our heart-based path.  But there is something that gets in our way from following this path.  Whether it is external expectations of what society (or family or friends) tell us we should do, a little voice in our heads who tells us we are not smart/good enough or whether it's a fear of failure or the unknown, these blocks cannot overpower the messages from our hearts.  Our hearts guide us to our paths because we are meant to pursue these things that are meaningful to us.  Our short and precious lives are not meant to be wasted doing things that other people want us to do, or on things that society expects us to do.  If we look inside our hearts, we will find our meaningful heart-based path that will guide us to a most beautiful place: a place of authenticity, happiness, and fulfillment.  And that is a place we will never regret living.  What is your heart-based path?  What steps can you take today to begin to follow your path?

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