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Thoughts > Feelings > Actions

If we wake up with negative thoughts in our heads, how do you think our day is going to go?  How do you think we are going to feel that day?  And if we feel bad, what do you think our actions will be?  Our thoughts are directly related to how we feel, and how we feel is directly related to what action we take.  If I think to myself, "I'm a lousy person," that thought of course is going to make me feel bad.  And by feeling bad, I am not inspired to do anything that might change my mind about being a lousy person.  So it's a negative cycle that keeps playing itself out in our minds.  The thought could be something as simple as "I don't have time to do that today!" which makes us feel anxious, which makes us unproductive and voila! we lose time and our thoughts manifest themselves into reality.  What if we thought, "I have plenty of time to do everything I want to do today"?  That thought may give us peace, which allows us to calmly prioritize and in turn, be productive and handle all that presents to us during the day.  Thoughts turn into feelings which affect actions.  It may seem like a simple concept, but it's one that can have great a consequence in our daily lives!  What is a thought that you can change right now that will make you feel better and result in positive action?

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