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The word generous and the word generate both come from the same Latin root: genus.  Among its definitions, genus means to procreate, beget, give birth.  How can generous, a word that is associated with "giving" come from the same root as generate, a word that means "creating"?  One, it seems, is all about giving something away, while the other is about bringing something about.  When we think about it, however, it makes sense. When we give of ourselves and share our gifts freely and without expectation, we create a powerful energy that will bring those gifts back to us tenfold.  So by giving something away, we are indeed creating something in return.  As we generously share our cups of knowledge, wealth, kindness or love without expectation of return, we generate knowledge, wealth, kindness and love in the Universe that (you guessed it) will be returned to us, often in quantities we never thought possible.  How will you generously share your gifts this week, and what do you think your actions will generate?

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