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Accept what happens.  Accept the moment.  Denying our circumstances or fighting them keeps us in a negative energy space and only exacerbates the situation.  By completely accepting the moment, we move ourselves into an open space, open to what may come and open to change.  We say no to drama, to clinging, to attachment and go with the flow into the now.  Sometimes acceptance doesn't come easily, as we may find our situation quite averse and really don't want to accept it at all.  But acceptance is the first step toward change.  Acceptance takes that negative energy from all the resistance and clinging and stops it.  Flat.  When you accept, then you can take a breath and say, Now what?  Let's move forward.  Let's be our own agents of change.  Let's unlock the powerful forces of the Universe and our minds to create our lives.  

What can you accept today to unlock the positive energy required to move forward?

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